7 Fantastic ways to promote your Realtors Blog

You know that having a blog is critical for many reasons. Your blog positions you as an expert in your industry, as an active player in your local community, and it can showcase your personality. As a realtor, a blog is a brilliant way for you to connect with your audience and engage with people. A blog can also be fun if it allows your true personality to shine through.

However, you shouldn’t blog for the sake of blogging. If you are going to devote time and energy to your blog, you need to see results. Therefore, you need people to view your blog, which means you need to promote your realtors’ blog.

You probably think you don’t have enough time to promote your services, let alone a blog, but you may be surprised at how quickly and effortlessly, you can promote your realtors’ blog. Also, don’t consider your blog as a separate entity; it is a valid component of your realtor marketing activities. If you successfully promote your blog, you promote your business, which has to be positive news for realtors.

Here are seven fantastic ways to promote your realtors blog

  1. Compile your older blog posts into a book
  2. Create a newsletter for your email list
  3. Create infographics based on your blog and share on social media
  4. Guest blog and comment on other blogs
  5. Post on Quora.com
  6. Repurpose your blog in audio and video format
  7. Run a Facebook ad campaign directed at your blog

Some of these options may sound more appealing than others, but all are of benefit. Start with the options that feel most comfortable, or which appear to be the best fit for your business or organisation. However, there is no harm in adopting all these methods, and you’ll reap the rewards before too long.

Compile your older blog posts into a book

There will always be people who don’t give blogposts credit or respect they are due. Blogs are “new media” and for some people, “old media” will always be the best. Don’t worry about trying to convert these people, instead, meet them in their environment.

If you have been creating blogs for some time, compile them into a book and sell or give them away. The kudos that comes with being an author will significantly boost your profile, and will immediately position yourself as an expert in your field.

There are many realtors for buyers and vendors to choose from, but if a local realtor has published a book on their work and the industry, people are going to respect them more than their peers.

Create a newsletter for your email list

You must develop a list of interested parties, prospective clients and former clients. There is an old marketing saying that “the money is in the list”, and this remains true in the realtor sector. You can gain contact details by offering a product or service, but having the list is no great achievement in itself, you need to utilise the list.

Therefore, you need to contact your audience regularly, and a newsletter is an ideal way to engage your list. You can promote available properties, you can discuss local or regulatory matters, and you can direct people towards your blog.

Your blog content provides you with a chance to connect with your audience on a higher level, you can showcase your strengths, and you can offer a compelling argument for them to use your services. When you have a list, make sure you engage them effectively, and your blog content is the ideal way to keep them coming back to your site.

Create infographics based on your blog and share on social media

Infographics are hugely popular on social media. A good infographic provides a lot of useful information in a short period, it is easily shared, and if you brand it property, it should direct traffic towards your blog or website.

Once your blog post has been written, review it for easily pull-able sections, data or information that can be turned into an infographic. This should then be shared on your social platforms, utilising hashtags and tagging in relevant parties.

If people find the information of merit, they’ll likely share it or pass it on, and this is when the magic of social media comes to the fore.

Guest blog and comment on other blogs

If you are comfortable writing blog posts and being active on blogs, this tip should be straightforward. You will have your blog audience, but it stands to reason you’ll want to increase the size of your blog readership. It is also true to say other professionals have blogs and their blog audience too. If there is a crossover between your audience and their audience, there is a compelling argument for writing a post on their blog and introducing yourself to people who have an interest in what you say.

You probably don’t want to guest blog on a rival realtors site, but you can post on realtor sites who don’t directly compete with you. You can also blog on local websites for other sectors and industries, as there should be a crossover in your audience.

If you guest blog, you benefit from:

  • Increased links to your site and blog, which is helpful for SEO purposes
  • Increased awareness of your services
  • Increased traffic to your blog

Feel free to comment on other blogs, when you can do so relevantly, and why not consider allowing people to guest post on your blog? This will hopefully see that persons’ audience visit your blog site, boosting your traffic.

Post on Quora.com

You will have an area, or areas, of expertise, and if you want people to recognise you as a property market expert, you need to share this knowledge. A great site where you can answer questions and showcase your expertise is Quora.com.

When you sign up for the post, you can search for questions, and if you can provide a relevant answer, do so. If you share an answer people like, you will be recognised as an expert in your field, and you can offer links to your site.

Also, Quora is a fantastic place to research questions and topics for your blog. If the same issues crop up, it is an area that people need help with. Writing a comprehensive blog with an answer will help you engage a willing audience, enhance your reputation and drive traffic towards your blog.

Repurpose your blog in audio and video format

One of the most essential things for any professional engaged in marketing activities is to repurpose content as much as they can. Creating Good quality blog posts takes time, but if you generate a lot of material from one blog post, you can justify your time.

A blog post can be repurposed to create:

  • Infographics and images that perform well on social media
  • A PDF which can be given away in exchange for email addresses
  • An audio clip or even a podcast, placing you in front of more prospective clients
  • Video content, both as a long-form video and in soundbites and shorter clips
  • As the basis for talks and speeches at industry events

The more ways you use your blog content, the more impact each piece has, and you can always direct people back to the original blog

Run a Facebook ad campaign directed at your blog

A smart way of using your blog content and promoting the material in the first place is with Facebook ads. The ability to target specific demographics or groups of people with Facebook adverts is impressive, and if you have a blog post which appeals to a community, advertise to them.

When you make a promise in the ad, and the blog content delivers, people will approve of you and will want to hear more from you. This should provide you with the opportunity to sign these people up for your list, or offer them services.

Your realtor blog is an excellent way to showcase your skills, position your brand as a local and industry expert, and to develop a relationship with your audience. These tips will help you promote your brand, facilitating these outcomes.

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